Just 7 days in, and it seems the fun continues, ha. Someone comes in for a massage and places their clothes in a nice tidy heap. Fine you think???? Not entirely, as the neat pile was placed over a burning candle. After the flaming trousers, blouse and bra were thrown under a cold running tap, the flames were diffused, we were left with just a smoke filled room. Thankfully again no damage done…

I won’t mention a name but if anyone knows who these burnt clothes belong to, tell her she can have them back now 🙂 Thanks to her lovely sister the massage was allowed to proceed (very relaxing for her) while she delivered a new set of clothing.

Sounds horrendous I know, but we have both never laughed so much. Just a little reminder for her… Passaddhi means Tranquility and the connection of mind body and soul. She may be a feminist and takes the phrase, “Burning your Bra” literally. I shall remember the expression on her face forever, as I chucked all her clothing in the sink.

Thank you Anonymous…. You made my day. Still laughing now x